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Organising Your Finances

Organising Your Finances 

Organising your financial documents can help you and anybody appointed to look after your finances when the moment comes that they are needed. We encourage everybody to store important information in a safe place, and to let other people–such as your Enduring Power of Attorney for finances, your spouse, or a trusted friend—know where to find them.  

An Enduring Power of Attorney can be used to help you manage your finances during illness, injury or at end of life. Please refer to the previous page on Arranging Legal Paperwork for more information.  

After a death, most accounts need to be closed or transferred to another person. This is made easier when you keep a record of your accounts.    

This is true for financial accounts, but also your loans, mortgages and pensions. If you have Life Assurance, make sure that your ‘beneficiary’ knows where to find this information.      

If you are the sole account holder—meaning it is only your name on the account—you are advised to name a ‘beneficiary’ to your accounts, or who you name to receive the funds in your account on the event of your death.