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Personal Decisions

Not all the decisions you have to make are legal or even healthcare-focused. Some are just to ensure someone knows your wishes about what is important to you.

Financial Decisions

Are you the only person who knows the details of your bank accounts, pension, gas and electricity provider or more? When there is a death, often finding out these facts can be difficult. Recording this information somewhere secure so someone else can take it over can be very helpful. We know there is money sitting in dormant accounts and if there is no record of all of your financials, some of your hard-earned savings may be lost. There is a section in the Think Ahead form that allows you to list the providers, such as bank accounts, credit cards, credit unions.

Talk to Those Important to You

If you died, would your loved ones know which date the rent’s due, when your car insurance runs out and where the stopcock is? As well as completing a Think Ahead form, take time to ensure your partner, kids, parents or flatmates have the practical skills they need to look after the household. Whether you usually keep the car maintained, sort the savings or pay the milk deliverer, make sure those who rely on you know how to do it for themselves too.

About You

We sometimes forget how important the little details are – what music we like, the people we like/dislike. What our favourite foods are, whether we like a window open or closed. These tiny details can change the way people care for us. ‘About Me’ is a fresh addition to Think Ahead and allows us to record those little things about us that are important. They are also useful to bring with you when thinking about nursing home care or if you or someone you love is going into a hospital. You can find About Me in your Think Ahead form or you can download it separately below.

Download an About Me form

Organ Donation

Deciding to donate organs is important. Letting your friends and family know your wishes on organ donation is a key step in planning ahead. If you wish to donate any of your organs, make sure you have shared your wishes in advance and carry your organ donation card. You can apply for an Organ Donor Card online at

Body Donation

If you want to donate your body for medical research, you must plan with one of the following medical facilities prior to your death.
• University College Dublin
• Trinity College Dublin
• The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
• University College Cork
• National University of Ireland, Galway

Education facilities cannot accept a body if you have certain conditions or if a post-mortem has been carried out. Please make sure you have shared your wishes in advance with those who need to know, so they clearly understand and accept them as your wishes.

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