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Masterclass workshops in bereavement

The Irish Hospice Foundation annual masterclasses

The Bereavement Education Resource Centre hosts special masterclasses and workshops aimed at professionals working in bereavement support and looking for specific training.

Masterclasses 2014

Dr. Kathy Shear, Columbia University

Kathy Shear will conduct a workshop and an advanced training day on Complicated Grief Treatment

January 9th & 10th 2014 – Workshop on Complicated Grief

January 11th 2014 – Advanced Training on Complicated Grief Treatment


Past Masterclasses 2009-2012


Prof Danai Papadatou

‘The impact of caring for infants and children who die – helping staff to cope with grief and build resilience’


Dr Kathy Shear

Understanding and treating complicated grief


Dr David Charles-Edwards

‘Loss, death and work for organisations and individuals’


Prof. Henk Schut, University of Utrecht

‘Reflecting on Bereavement Care – What helps and how can we improve it?’


Dr Linda Machin

‘Assessment for bereavement care’

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