Never Forgotten – George Coogan

For George Coogan, Father of Cecilia Coogan

'Dad, made my Christmas Puddings a few weeks ago and put an extra glass of whiskey into it, remembering how you used to sneak an extra glass into the mix when Mam was not looking - will be thinking of you as we slice into it on Christmas Day! This is our second Christmas without you and Em, the boys and I all miss you as much this year as last. Mam looks for you all the time, but we are taking good care of her for you. The weeks between January 17th when you got ill and had your diagnosis and February 22nd 2012 when you slipped away from us were truly awful but we were greatly helped by the Nursing Home and Hospice Staff, and we take great comfort in knowing you are not suffering now. Love You Always. C & the Gang.'
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