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New report from ombudsman highlights end-of-life care

A ‘good death’ in Ireland  

A new report released today (June 27th) by the office of the ombudsman examines the care given to patients and families at end-of-life. 

A good death - Office of Ombudsman report June 2014

 ‘A good death; A Reflection on Ombudsman Complaints about End of Life Care in Irish Hospitals’  reviews complaints made to the office in 2013.


The report acknowledges the long lasting effects of poor communication, lack of patient autonomy and dignity in end-of-life care. As the impact of these failures on bereaved family is traumatic and long lasting, it highlights the need to learn from complaints received. 


The ombudsman highlights the work of the Irish Hospice Foundation and the Forum on end-of-life in promoting national dialogue and encouraging end-of-life care planning. 

The full report can be accessed HERE and is available on the Office of the Ombudsman website.