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Grief in the Workplace

The IHF Grief in the Workplace (GITW) Programme aims to help employers to provide appropriate supports to employees who are bereaved regardless of where they work and the nature of the loss.  

Supporting employees who are bereaved is a key part of staff wellbeing. Grief in the Workplace provides support, training, resources and advice to employers and employees based on research and best practice.

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Grief as a Manager

Learn more about how managers can support employees who are bereaved in this video

Workplace Grief Training

Grief in the Acute Hospital Workplace

This is a short 5 minute e-learning course on coping with grief for people who work in acute hospitals

Grief in the Nursing Home Workplace

This is a short 5 minute e-learning course on coping with grief for people who work in nursing homes.

Support Bereaved Colleague

General Workplace Grief Training

Training programmes helping organisations support employees who are experiencing loss and grief. These loss situations could include: the death of a staff member; the terminal illness of a staff member; the death of a relative or close friend of a staff member.

Publications and Resources


Responding to Suicide - A Guide for Employers

This document and e-learning course was designed specifically with employers and union representatives in mind. They aim to help the response to suicide in the workplace by providing practical, sensible and sensitive guidelines to support colleagues who are grieving.

grief in the workplace training

Supporting bereaved staff during COVID-19

Grieving can be challenging at the best of times but the COVID-19 pandemic has made things more difficult for those employees whose loved ones or friends have died. We offer a 'Bereavement First Aid' as a guide on how to respond and support.