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Grief in the Workplace

grief in the workplace

We provide information and training to support those grieving in a work environment and to help support employers and employees.

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Workplaces can be divided in to three main types in terms of expected encounters with death:

  • Type 1 – Death is not an expected as part of the workplace environment; most workplaces.
  • Type 2 –  Death can be expected occasionally in this workplace (emergency services, healthcare settings, army, chaplains etc).
  • Type 3 – Death is a normal and expected part of this workplace (nursing homes, hospices, etc).

Within these three types of workplaces there are many different sectors. For example, nursing homes are a workplace where it’s expected residents will die. Yet, a different sector within a nursing home e.g. finance would not be encountering these deaths in the same way as say care assistants or nurses. 

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Our Grief in the Workplace programme is designed to ensure all employees who are bereaved are supported appropriately, regardless of their workplace. Working with both employers and employees, the programme is a suite of activities and interventions which aim to help workplaces effectively support employees who are bereaved, based on best practice. 

Five Key Programme Pillars

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