Continuing restrictions mean some of the ways we traditionally mark our grief are still not possible. We can’t gather in one location in large groups, including for funerals. We also can’t receive the company of those who wish to offer condolences outside of our household groups.

This material was developed through the acute COVID-19 pandemic phase.  While circumstances have changed, it remains here as a record of that time.

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Support for Grieving in Exceptional Times

Support for Grieving in Exceptional Times

Our free bereavement pack includes all our resources (for adults and children/teenagers) specially developled to support those grieving during COVID-19 restrictions.

Helping Children Grieve during Covid-19 Restrictions

Helping children grieve during COVID-19

It’s natural to want to protect and shield children when someone dies. However, we need to talk to them to help them feel safer during these difficult times.

Grieving in Exceptional Times

Grieving in Exceptional Times

COVID-19 has changed the ways we mark our grief. For the moment, it’s not possible to come together like we did before but we can support ourselves and each other in different ways.

coping with grief

Acknowledging and coping with the grief of a COVID-19 death

You may feel like your world has turned upside down. These are very exceptional times and a hard time to be grieving. This resource may be of help to you and those close to you.

Supporting Teenagers to grieve during COVID-19

Supporting teenagers to grieve during COVID-19

Under normal circumstances, grief can feel isolating, however during the pandemic, it’s especially important for teenagers to find ways to support and connect with each other.

Finding new ways for children to say goodbye

During COVID-19 restrictions, physical contact and possibly children’s attendance at funerals is very limited. Here you’ll find suggestions if children haven’t been able to say goodbye to their loved one.

Planning a funeral in exceptional times

Planning a Funeral in Exceptional Times

If you’re caring for someone who is very sick and are worried they may die, or someone you love has just died, you may have some concerns about what might happen at a funeral during this COVID-19 response period.

Planning a funeral when your relative has died from COVID-19

COVID-19 and social distancing requirements are making bereavement and funerals even more difficult. But, there are some immediate steps you can take to plan a funeral at the moment.

Supporting Bereaved Staff COVID-19

Supporting bereaved staff during COVID-19

Grieving can be challenging at the best of times but the pandemic has made things more difficult for those employees whose loved ones or friends have died. In addition, they may be sick themselves and/or have to self-isolate.