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Local Bereavement Networks

Local Bereavement Networks

The first Local Bereavement Network was established in 2016 by bereavement services operating in North Dublin – the Dublin North Bereavement Network. This group came together to enhance links between local bereavement service providers. Irish Hospice Foundation currently support three Local Bereavement Networks (LBNs) in Ireland – Dublin North, South Dublin and Kildare. 

The network’s overall aim is to enhance bereavement care within their region. They do this by: 

  • Sharing their experience and knowledge of their services among other network members  
  • Sharing skills and expertise among network members 
  • Sharing and coordinating knowledge of the bereavement services available in the local region 
  • Raising public awareness of bereavement and bereavement supports available in the region 

As well as meeting quarterly, the network members apply for local grants to fund network events, such as local bereavement information evenings or collaborations with local stakeholders to raise awareness of bereavement and local available supports.   

Across the three network, members include both statutory and non-statutory organisation’s who provide bereavement support within the respective region.  

Membership Criteria  

The service must be 

  • A registered charity or state organisation (If a charity, must be registered with the Charities Regulator)  
  • An organisation, not an individual bereavement support provider 
  • Provide bereavement support to adults or children 
  • Provide support for any type of loss through death 
  • Operate in the local bereavement network’s assigned region 

Network membership is free and service representatives range from hospital staff (End of Life coordinators, Social workers, Clinical midwife Specialists, CNS in Children with Chronic Illness); NGO sector (CEO, staff and volunteers); hospice (social work and service coordinators); HSE (Resource Office for Suicide Prevention, Counselling in Primary Care) and Family Resource Centres. 

Get in Touch

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to join a network or would like to find out more information about membership.