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National Bereavement Support Service Survey

Do you provide bereavement support in Ireland? How has COVID-19 effected your bereavement service? What challenges have you faced? And what do you and your service need going into the future? Please complete our national survey to answer these questions

Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) and the Irish Childhood Bereavement Network (ICBN) are conducting a national survey exploring the impact of COVID-19 on organisations and individuals providing bereavement support, at all levels of care and in all settings. 

Why are we conducting this survey?

This survey aims to understand how bereavement services and providers have been affected during the COVID-19 pandemic, how services have responded to the challenges of the pandemic and what their needs are going into the future. It is important that the experience of practitioners on the frontline is captured and used to inform and shape practice and policy going forward.

Who should complete the survey?

Anyone (e.g. staff, volunteer, independent provider) involved in providing some level of bereavement support (e.g. information, one-to-one support, support groups, counselling, helpline etc)  in any setting (e.g. hospital, hospice or in the community).

Who is conducting this survey?

The research team is based at IHF- Amanda Roberts (Bereavement Development, IHF); Maura Keating (Coordinator, ICBN), Orla Keegan (Head of Bereavement and Education, IHF) and Breffni McGuinness (National Bereavement Development Specialist, Workplace and Community, IHF).

How was the survey developed?

We work with bereavement service providers at a regional and national level. Informally, our networks have discussed with us the challenges they have faced due to the pandemic, how they have responded and what their needs are going into the future. The survey seeks to capture a wide range of experiences from providers across the country.

Thank you to the two UK research teams, led by Alison Penny and Lucy Selman, who allowed us to use some of the questions in their UK national bereavement service surveys. 

What will happen to the information collected in this survey?

The information collected in the survey will be collated and the findings will be presented by theme and category. Individual responses will not be made public. We will present the findings at a national level and through our regional and national networks. Relevant findings will be presented to practice and policy stakeholders and can be used to advocate for and shape future bereavement developments.


The information you provide will only be seen by the research team. All findings made public will be anonymous and will not contain any identifiable information. We have asked you for the name of your organisation at the start of the survey. This information will not be made public. It is only recorded to note any duplicate responses from an organisation.
Contact: Please contact Amanda Roberts at [email protected] with any questions you may have about this survey.

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