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National Grief Awareness Week 2024

An image with text promoting Irish Hospice Foundation's National Grief Awareness Week 2024, running January 22 - 28, 2024. The image includes the hashtag #BeGriefAware.

Death is such a difficult thing for any of us to face. Despite it being widespread, grief is often misunderstood. Grief is a natural response to the death of someone close. It does not follow a definite pattern and can be different for everyone. The bereaved can be left feeling isolated, lonely and confused. Family and friends may be unsure how best support them. Learning more about grief can help someone before and during the grieving process and can also help the people supporting them.

What Is National Grief Awareness Week?

This is the fourth year Irish Hospice Foundation is running a national grief awareness campaign. Originally hosted in November to coincide with the Good Grief Trust (UK) national campaign, this campaign will now take place in January — a time which can be difficult for many people, including those who are grieving.

Through National Grief Awareness Week, we hope to encourage people to be more grief aware and encourage conversations about this typically uncomfortable subject.

When Is National Grief Awareness Week?

National Grief Awareness Week is 22 – 28 January 2024. During this period, we’ll be hosting online events and running a social media campaign to raise awareness of grief and its impact on individuals.

National Grief Awareness Week Online Events

As part of the campaign, we’re hosting two free online events, kindly supported by Fanagans:

An image promoting Irish Hospice Foundation's National Grief Awareness Week 2024 event called "Living with Loss", taking place on Thursday, January 25, 2024.

About: This event is for all. You may have experienced a bereavement this year or at an earlier time, or you may be concerned about a child or friend who is grieving and you wish to help. We will provide an online space to share some reflections on bereavement and to help people to find out about the supports available.

When: 7:00 pm, January 25, 2024

An image promoting Irish Hospice Foundation's National Grief Awareness Week 2024 event called "Grief in the Workplace: An Overview", taking place on Thursday, February 1, 2024.

About: This is a free online webinar for employees and employers. Many people will be working at the time they experience a bereavement or a significant life loss and require a compassionate and caring response. Having an understanding of grief will help employees understand their own grieving experience but also be more aware of how to support others when grieving.

When: 12:30pm, February 1, 2024

How Can I Participate in National Grief Awareness Week?

  • TELL people you know, including family, friends, colleagues, your community, about the campaign.
  • EMAIL your colleagues/networks with the details and a link to this webpage or print off some of our promotional assets and make them accessible to your colleagues.
  • ORGANISE a showing of the lunchtime webinar or evening webinar for your colleagues, service users or community.
  • HOST a stand displaying the campaign poster and bereavement information in your workplace (email [email protected] for hardcopies of our resources).
  • SHARE on your social media accounts using our promotional assets and using #NGAW2024 #BeGriefAware and tagging @irishhospice.
  • POST or GIVE someone you know who has been bereaved our free postcard to let them know you are thinking of them (drop by our office or email [email protected] for your free postcard; limited quantities available).
  • WATCH our three-minute informational video about grief and share the video link with your friends and family:

National Grief Awareness Week Promotional Assets

Download the Promotion Pack and visit our promotional assets page for social images and suggested messaging to share on social media, in your newsletters, emails or other channels.


  • #BeGriefAware
  • #NGAW
  • #NGAW2024

Social Handles

Grief and Bereavement Resources

  • Bereavement and Loss Hub: For information, advice and resources on grief and loss.
  • Bereavement Support Line: Our national freephone service for people to speak about their grief or ask questions relating to the death of someone they cared about — 1800 80 70 77, Monday to Friday, 10 am to 1 pm.

NGAW 2024 Is Proudly Supported by Fanagans

Thank you to Fanagans for sponsoring National Grief Awareness Week 2024. For 200 years, Fanagans have been trusted by the people of Dublin to care for their funeral needs.

Learn more at or by calling (01) 475 4101 (24 hr).

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