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Delivering Bad News

The workshop is suitable for anyone who has to break bad news including emergency and healthcare workers who have a role in breaking bad news or supporting families/people after bad news, including doctors.  

It’s especially useful for multidisciplinary teams working in areas where delivery of bad news is frequent e.g. Emergency Department/Renal/Orthopaedic/Maternity and Neurology teams. 

Topics Covered 

  • Context – Information on death and dying in Ireland (‘the worst news of all’) 
  • Bad news – what does it mean – to families, people, us? 
  • Guidelines for breaking bad news – 5 step method to break bad news 
  • Practical training – role plays based on participant-identified scenarios, with feedback 
  • Difficult questions and difficult reactions – an opportunity for participants to seek help with specific issues or scenarios that might be a cause for concern 
  • How to support the person who is receiving the bad news 

Learning Outcomes 

At the end of this workshop participants will: 

  • Understand what bad news is and how it can impact on people 
  • Understand the five-step method for delivering bad news 
  • Have developed their skills in delivering bad news 
  • Be aware of how to practice self-care when breaking bad news 


Delivering Bad News is accredited by the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland (Category 1 approval – 4 NMBI CEUs). 


Interactive presentation & half day workshop (3.5 contact hours) 


€450 plus standard IHF travel expenses (70c per mile plus cost of an overnight stay if required) 


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