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Grief in the Workplace During COVID-19: For Managers

This two hour workshop looks at the role that managers and human resource personnel can play in supporting staff and colleagues who are grieving during Covid-19. It focuses on the organisational as well as personal aspects of best practice grief support.


Cost: €600 (Max 12 people)
Duration: 2 hour online workshop (via Zoom)

Who is this suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for managers, human resource personnel and those who have a supportive role for staff in the organisation.

Topics covered

  1. The Covid-19 context
  2. What’s involved in the grieving process (time, normal reactions, etc)
  3. How grief impacts on employees (concentration/performance etc)
  4. Grief and organisational issues. Current research. Creating a supportive work environment.
  5. Staff wellbeing – how to support a bereaved employee.
  6. Self-care when working with people who are grieving.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this workshop participants will have:

  • An understanding of how Covid-19 has impacted on staff who are grieving
  • An understanding of what loss and grief are
  • An understanding of the grieving process and how it affects people
  • An understanding of current research and what creates an effective environment in the workplace for staff wellbeing around grief.
  • Developed their own skills for effectively supporting someone who is grieving
  • An understanding of their own support needs when working with people who are grieving

Enquiries: Email Breffni Mc Guinness or call (01) 6793188.