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HFH QI Awards

HFH QI Awards 2023

Each year, we award Quality Improvement awards to Hospice Friendly Hospitals.

What are HFHQI Awards?

They are financial supports for HSE/Voluntary Acute Hospitals who are engaging with our HFH programme. They support the continual quality improvement approach to end-of-life care (EOLC) and help hospitals towards implementation of the Quality Standards for End-of-Life Care in Hospitals.

Read the Guidelines for HFH QI Awards

Apply for HFHQI Awards 2022

When completed, email as an attachment to [email protected] or print and post to IHF, Morrison Chambers (Floor 4), 32 Nassau St, Dublin 2, D02 YE06

What is the purpose of the HFHQI Awards?

They have been developed to inspire acute hospital staff to come together in a cohesive and collaborative way to improve person-centred EOLC by encouraging them to:

  • look at current ways of working:
    • What are we doing that we could do better?
    • What would we like to accomplish?
  • explore innovative and creative ways to improve the way they work:
    • How can we make the change?
  • use a robust quality improvement approach to make those changes:
    • How would we know that a change is an improvement?
  • raise awareness of how quality improvement methods can be used to make EOLC better.
  • shine a light on improved ways of providing person-centred EOLC.

Each year, we award Quality Improvement awards to Hospice Friendly Hospitals.

What are the HFHQI Awards? 

Each year we recognise projects that will improve end-of-life care for patients, their families, staff and the hospital through the Quality Improvement Awards. 

The awards were first launched in 2019, as an initiative through our Hospice Friendly Hospitals programme. Over the past four years the HFHQI have awarded funding for 36 projects across 30 hospitals. The Hospice Friendly Hospitals Quality Improvement (HFHQI) Awards provide an opportunity to inspire, encourage and support staff to continually strive for a quality improvement approach to end-of-life care (EOLC).  

All staff from HSE/Voluntary Acute Hospitals who are engaging within our HFH programme are eligible to apply, those successful will receive a financial support of up to €1,000 for their project. Recognising that staff are central to continual quality improvement within end-of-life care, the awards allow those with the knowledge, experience, and passion to put forward their ideas.  

Purpose of the HFHQI Awards 

Reflective in nature, the HFHQI Awards requires staff to work cohesively and collaborate to examine current practices and look at new ways of working. At the heart of the awards is the aim of continuing to improve the end-of-life care approach and to help hospital towards the implementation of the Quality standards for End-of-Life Care.  

HFHQI awards 2023

For more information about the awards, the types of projects and application guidelines, please read our Application Pack.
Download the Application Pack for HFHQI Awards 2023

Apply for HFHQI Awards 2023

There are three ways to apply for the HFHQI Awards: 

  1. Complete the HFHQI Awards PDF form
  2. Complete the HFHQI Awards Word form  

Email as an attachment to the HFH Programme Team – [email protected]. 
Or post to: IHF, Morrison Chambers (Floor 4), 32 Nassau St, Dublin 2, D02 YE06 

     3. Alternatively, applicants can provide required information via a video blog, whiteboard presentation or other equally creative media once the application fields are covered. Please refer to the Application Pack for guidelines and additional information.

The video below features some past projects that have been supported by a HFHQI award.

HFHQI Support Sessions

The HFHQI Support Sessions were delivered in partnership with the HSE Quality and Patient Safety Improvement Team. The aim of these sessions was to help applicants navigate the application process, gain information on Quality Improvement, and share and inspire ideas

View the HFHQI Support Sessions