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HFH QI Awards

Each year, we award Quality Improvement awards to Hospice Friendly Hospitals.

What are they?
They are financial supports for HSE/Voluntary Acute Hospitals who are engaging with our HFH programme. They support the continual quality improvement approach to end-of-life care (EOLC) and help hospitals towards implementation of the Quality Standards for End-of-Life Care in Hospitals.

What is the purpose of the HFHQI Awards?
They have been developed to inspire acute hospital staff to come together in a cohesive and collaborative way to improve person-centred EOLC by encouraging them to:

  • look at current ways of working:
    • What are we doing that we could do better?
    • What would we like to accomplish?
  • explore innovative and creative ways to improve the way they work:
    • How can we make the change?
  • use a robust quality improvement approach to make those changes:
    • How would we know that a change is an improvement?
  • raise awareness of how quality improvement methods can be used to make EOLC better.
  • shine a light on improved ways of providing person-centred EOLC.