The Hospice Friendly Hospitals Quality Improvement Awards allow us to annually recognise projects that will improve end-of-life care for patients, their families, staff, and the hospital. In 2023, we received 29 applications, and were delighted to be able to award 18 quality improvement projects. 

2023 Awardees

HFH Awardee 2023 1 Sympa Tea

Sympa-Tea, Connolly Hospital

Improving patients & families experience within the Hospital who are receiving End of Life Care by providing some home comforts and a more non-clinical atmosphere.

HFH Awardee 2023 2 Sleepover Chair

Sleepover Chair, Letterkenny University Hospital

Offering a relative/friend/carer the option of staying overnight with a patient nearing end-of-life.

Storybooks to help children cope with the loss of a sibling, Letterkenny University Hospital

Aims to provide resources to help parents explain a pregnancy loss to the baby’s sibling.

Tailored memory box for children (1-18 years), Letterkenny University Hospital

To ensure there is a high-quality member box for use for both boys and girls that die in Letterkenny University Hospital.

HFH Awardee 2023 5 final gift

The Final Gift, Louth Hospitals

To improve the death notification process by ensuring death notification forms (DNF) are presented to the bereaved in a more respectful, dignified, and compassionate way.

HFH Awardee 2023 6 think adult think child

THINK ADULT THINK CHILD, Naas General Hospital

Development of a resource pack for nursing staff in ED to enhance care provided to bereaved children.

HFH Awardee 2023 7 Resources to enhance the immediate environment for the dying patient

Resources to enhance the immediate environment for the dying patient and their families, St James's Hospital

Ward areas will have use of an End-of-Life Care Trolley, equipped with relevant resources to support the patient and their family.

HFH Awardee 2023 8 A Print to Keep

A Print to Keep, St Vincent's University Hospital

Bereaved families to have the option to avail of a wallet sized memento, with a masked fingerprint of their loved one on one side and a heartfelt poem on the other.

HFH Awardee 2023 9 Comfort Closet

Comfort Closet, St Michael's Hospital

All families & patients that are at end of life will be offered comfortable resources by the staff from the Comfort Closet. Allowing staff to show thought and compassion to families during difficult times.

HFH Awardee 2023 10 Forget me not

Forget Me Not Envelopes, Regional Hospital Mullingar

To provide comfort to our bereaved families with a token of our sincere condolences and honouring the memory of their loved ones.

HFH Awardee 2023 11 memory locket

Memory Locket, Galway University Hospital

Providing an age wide memory memento following the death of a paediatric patient.

HFH Awardee 2023 12 symbol of care

Symbol of Care, St Columcille's Hospital

Bereaved families will be offered refreshments from locally sourced pottery with the EOL Symbol imprinted on it.

HFH Awardee 2023 13 End-of-Life Lapel pins for Link Nurses

End-of-Life Lapel Pins for Link Nurses and End-of-Life Steering Committee Members, St James's Hospital

Providing lapel pins to allow for identification of end-of-life experts

Leanabh Gowns, St Luke's Hospital

To provide the family and loved ones of a deceased child, the opportunity to see their child in a child appropriate and functional gown while still in the acute setting.

A photo of Project Search interns working on the End-of-Life Care Booklet for People with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities.

Easy Read End-of-Life Care Information Booklet, Naas General Hospital

Creating a short simple booklet on ‘End of Life Care – 'How You May Feel When Someone Dies’. Click here to watch a short video on the project.

HFH Awardee 2023 16 Comforting Words Library

Comforting Words Library, Ennis General Hospital

To choose a selection of books specifically to provide comfort and solace to those who are grieving.

HFH Awardee 2023 17 art to calm

Art to Calm, Letterkenny University Hospital

Use art to soften the clinical feel of a relative's room.

Supporting our End-of-Life Champions in GUH: Study Day, Galway University Hospital

Focusing on the patient's journey before, during and after death in the hospital.

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