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Reflection Remembrance Renewal

What do we learn from death, dying, grief and bereavement? 

What do we learn from a pandemic? 

Our arts and culture engagement programme is fundamentally about creating space to talk about difficult things.  

Is it arts and health if no one is fixed? 

Is health only biology? What does creativity do here?  

Reflection, Remembrance, Renewal is an IHF framework for learning that will evolve over the next few years. 

Creative practice is research. 

Ireland is experiencing a pandemic whose effects are immediate and apparent. The necessary national response has been urgent and universal, affecting all aspects of our lives – personal, familial, social, psychological and economic.   

Issues related to dying, death, care, loss and grief have been brought into sharp focus by the COVID-19 crisis. They continue to challenge how we, as a nation, confront and deal with dying, death and bereavement. 

As a national leader in the development of bereavement care that we need to remember these people and as a nation grieve.  

We are working through partnerships to develop a programme that will:  

  • harness the power of the arts, cultural and creative responses to contribute to healing and remembrance. 
  • enable a sensitive period of national healing with open discussion of previously taboo subjects . 
  • provide space as a country for active collective remembrance, reflection and renewal where individuals and communities might come together toward a national recovery.   
  • frame the narratives surrounding dying, death, loss, and grief, and in the arts, crafts and cultural industries, to help inform future policy. 

If you or your organisation has interest or might like to contribute please contact [email protected]