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One story encourages another

One story encourages another / Meallan scéal scéal eile

At Galway Hospice, Hazel Greene and Kathy Hyland, Bereavement Support Services Coordinator and Art Therapist, have offered their community who have experienced loss during COVID-19 the opportunity to share experience in words, music and poetry. These have all been captured in their video One story encourages another/Meallan scéal scéal eile, filmed in Coole Park in Gort.   

Hazel explains:

“The project offered a platform for living with loss during covid and assisted the loss and as a cathartic outlet. It acknowledged the complexity that people have met in their experience of loss and the process of grief during a pandemic. It acknowledged that some aspects of grief have been disenfranchised and the need to find an outlet to support people.”  

“It was a pleasure to be able to be able to bring people’s stories to life, give them a voice, and honour their loved one in a way that was lost in the pandemic and the absence of traditional commemorations. It encouraged action at a time when people feel stuck. The funding offered a creative licence to think outside the box”. 

Dominic Campell is Arts & Cultural Engagement Lead at Irish Hospice Foundation: 

This project is a beautiful solution to current challenges. During the pandemic, when all are affected by some form of loss, be it minor like a cancelled holiday or major like a bereavement, its vital that valuable skills and knowledge of a hospice like Galway’s spreads out from its buildings into its community. It helps us manage our mental health, reflect and rebuild our lives. The arts here are vital to making sense. They assist the growth of compassionate community. They help us build back better.”

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