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Death of a Star (Dublin)

by Mirjana Rendulic

Mirjana Rendulic, a Croatian born national now long living in Ireland, collaborated with other musicians to create a soundtrack for her film ‘Death of a Star’, made in response to the sudden death of her father in Croatia during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mirjana’s inspiration came from her last visit to Croatia before her father died. While there, he kept inviting Mirjana to play something for him but she refused, insisting she wasn’t good enough yet. 

She subsequently wrote a short film, ‘Death of a Star’, as a tribute to her father and hired film maker Mark McNally to produce it.

As an experienced drama facilitator, Mirjana also intends offering the completed video as a community workshop exploring grief via the process of art creation.

Original music was composed with Mark Sams for the soundtrack. Mark Sams is a guitarist with Alabama 3 and composer of ‘Black Requiem’, a collection of mainly classical pieces, named after Jake Black, aka The Very Reverend D Wayne Love, who died in 2019. 

You can listen to a sample of the wonderfully moving soundtrack here.