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Time-Lapse Exhibition (Leitrim)

by Maria Noonan-McDermott

time lapse exhibition

Time-Lapse is currently showing at the Ardhowen Theatre Gallery in Enniskillen until 27th August 2022

We all suffer loss but life continues in the stories we tell and cherished memories we share as testaments to the ones we’ve love. But they’re more than just reminiscences. This abiding love is encompassed in the myriad of emotions residing deep within our hearts and souls, which can never be forgotten.

This is the premise of Maria Noonan-McDermott’s exhibition ‘Time-Lapse’, and its concept is one she’s been unwittingly working towards for five years while caring for her beautiful mother suffering from Alzheimer’s until she slipped away peacefully in late 2021.

Maria’s exhibition reflects her personal journey, an emotional trial both physically and mentally, a challenging destination where precious memories became a life-line and family bonds are strengthened and reinforced.

Maria’s exhibition includes paintings, original poetry (hand created books made in collaboration with Leitrim artist Harriet Myfanwy Nia Tahany), installations in the form of working sketch books, measurement forms, and clothing revealing treasured gems created by Maria’s mother, a fashion designer in the 1950s and 1960s. A short film also accompanies the exhibition.

The entire collection reflects both the joys and struggles Maria has endured personally and within her creative practice during this period. A quiet time of observation in which she leaned heavily on her art as a means of acceptance and healing. Her’s is a story that will resonate with others as they undertake similar journeys.

Maria has come to realise that she has been gifted with a profound experience that she would like to share with others. She hopes the exhibition will prove encouraging for those about to embark on a similar journey and cathartic in dealing with grief.

In presenting this project, Maria wishes to draw attention to the stigma associated with dementia. By heightening its awareness, she hopes it will support and comfort others coping with similar situations by bringing forth a greater understanding of the condition. Art should reflect the society we live in and Alzheimer’s affects thousands of families in our communities today and is growing year on year. Currently there are 64,000 people living with this condition in Ireland.

Opening of Time Lapse

Short video of the opening of Maria’s exhibition ‘Time-Lapse’ in February 2022.