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Seeds Grants 2022

IHF Seeds grants 2022

Irish Hospice Foundation wants to inspire and support the work of groups, organisations or individuals who wish to mark in some tangible way their response to the universal realities of dying, death, and bereavement. 

IHF recognises that the last two years of grief and loss during the pandemic have had a significant effect on all ages, all counties, and all sectors, leaving many of us confused and distressed.   

Rebuilding confidence in ourselves and trust between us will be easier if grief is directly acknowledged and addressed.   

Seed Grant Scheme 2022

Seed Grants are to support groups, organisations and individuals looking for creative ways to do this. Priority will be given to creative initiatives that take innovative approaches to reflection and remembrance.   

Seed Grants aim to help start new local art projects, or to support existing projects gain momentum - this may involve artists, crafts people or digital-coders. It may be a group or individual who has a good idea. It might be something you’ve been planning for ages or a new notion.  

You might be to mark the loss of a colleague, or the impact on your Care team. You could be health care workers, youth workers, creative artists, civil servants, school groups or anyone. Everyone is affected at some point in their lives. 

Seed grants may be used in a variety of ways, for example (but not limited to) supporting:  

  • A youth project or school assisting young people to explore what dying, death and bereavement means to them through the medium of art, photography or story-telling.  
  • An event aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge about ‘healthy’ ways of coping with loss and grief.  
  • Individual(s) and groups seeking ways through the arts to provide social, emotional and practical support to those living with a life-threatening illness or experiencing bereavement.  
  • Creation –  of songs, spoken word poems or laments, of joy filled memorialisation and the celebration of a life lived, that help your community process loss.  
  • Responding to specific loss and grief, of a child, a life partner, a beloved pet – all impactful, specific and different.  
  • Exploring these areas with people living with a cognitive disability or neuro-degenerative disease like Alzheimer’s  
  • Conversation or commemoration in and across the broad and diverse migratory and displaced communities of Ireland 
  •  LGBTQ aware end of life practices  
  • Climate change and resilience, loss and grief  
  • Awareness in healthcare practice of cultural diversity and end of life ritual and belief  
  • “Messiness”  – how meeting death in all its unknowable can be articulated 

About IHF Seed Grants :  

Awards are in the region of €500 - €1,000 per project. We hope to offer up to 26 awards

Seed Grants are intended to support the work of those involved in the community, therefore a key requirement for the receipt of a grant is that the level of funding must be matched by the community group, organisation or individual either in cash or in kind.  

Key dates

Applications invited: from October 7th 2021
We will hold a Briefing Session for potential applicants (including a Q&A) online on Tuesday October 19th, 1-2pm
Click on the button below to join the Zoom meeting.

Closing date for applications:  Friday October 29th 5pm
Successful applicants announced: November 15th. All applicants will be notified this week
Projects complete: April 30th 2022. Successful projects must be complete by this date

All proposals will be reviewed by IHF. Decisions will be made by IHF or their representatives based solely on the details in the application form. All decisions are final. In order to be fair, please note that direct approaches to representatives of IHF on behalf of a project or lobbying will result in automatic exclusion from the process and your application will not be considered. 


If you are unable to input your answers on the form provided we are able to offer a transcription service. This is a limited service, on a first come first served basis, for people living with a  disability or who are digitally excluded. If you would benefit from this service email [email protected]  or contact her via (01) 679 3188 no later than Thursday October 21st. We will then schedule a session where we transcribe your completed answers to each question.