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Writer in Residence

We are delighted to welcome theatre-maker Jenny Macdonald as our Writer in Residence. Jenny is writing a script for a new play, ‘The Tightrope Walker’, which explores the tension between the inherent loneliness of illness and the deep connections grief makes possible with others.

Initially, Jenny is focussing on developing a work-in-progress sharing of the piece in April 2023.  A full production will then be staged during the second SoloSIRENs Festival at the Civic Theatre in Tallaght, Dublin, in autumn 2023.

‘The Tightrope Walker’ also received an Irish Hospice Foundation Seed Grant in 2022, which is generously supported by the Creative Ireland Programme.

About Jenny Macdonald
Jenny is a theatre-maker whose practice encompasses writing / performing and directing / facilitating.  Her solo show ‘Enthroned’ premiered at First Fortnight Festival in 2016 and has since been presented by the New York International Fringe Festival, Town Hall Theatre, Galway, glór, the Civic, and First Fortnight online in 2020. In 2019, Jenny created SoloSIRENs, a theatre-making collective based at the Civic in Tallaght, Dublin. SoloSIRENs amplifies women’s voices onstage and beyond, and works to create a more just, sustainable, and caring way of making and presenting theatre. Jenny and SoloSIRENs were also part of Irish Hospice Foundation’s Compassionate Culture Network 2021 – 2022.