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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought dying, death and bereavement into everyone’s consciousness. It has shone a light on both the strengths and the limitations of our health and social systems of care. It has highlighted the importance of doing all we can to ensure people are surrounded by those they love in a place of their choosing at the end of their life. It has shown how devastating it can be when that doesn’t happen; for the dying, for the people who love them and for those working in health and social care.

At IHF, our vision is for an Ireland where everyone can die and grieve well, wherever the place. As we move into a new phase in the pandemic, we are inviting people across Ireland to share their experiences and views about dying, death and bereavement during the pandemic. This Reflections process is our way of listening to the experiences and views of people across Ireland, whether or not they were bereaved during the pandemic.

Reflections will involve:

Our national ‘Time to Reflect’ survey

A national survey to better understand how the pandemic affected people’s experiences and views on dying, death and bereavement in Ireland, open to all adults living in Ireland. Access the Time to Reflect survey.

Stakeholder consultations

A series of consultations with people who have been directly affected by the pandemic. That includes people who have provided end-of-life and bereavement care and people who have been bereaved.

Learning from communities

Exploring themes of loss and healing through our Arts and Creativity activities.

A summit event

This will bring together a wide range of people with an interest in dying, death and bereavement. At the summit, we will share what we have learned and invite others to do the same. We will use our shared learning and insights to discuss how we can improve our systems of end-of-life and bereavement care to ensure quality care and support for people at the end of their life and for their loved ones in the future. This will take place in 2022.