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Research is an important element of our activities. We recognise that a solid evidence base is essential to successful promotion and improvement in all areas of our activity, and that evidence-based advocacy must take account of and respond to emerging research.  

We seek to be a driver of collaborative research in end-of-life and bereavement care in Ireland, developing links with research partners in academia, government and other sectors. Our research informs our agenda and helps us to design and measure the progress and outcomes of our programmes. 

We carry out standalone and collaborative research and provide funding for select external research activities. We are interested in developing projects for quantitative and qualitative investigation of dying, death and bereavement, which help ensure that everyone has the support they need. 

Our library, which is dedicated to Therese Brady, is a rich resource of content relating to the issues of dying, death and bereavement. Access to electronic research resources may be accessed through the relevant portals using your individual logins. Our publications, including annual reports are also available to download here.  

Recent research

Public health approach to dying, death and bereavement (December 2019)

Have Your Say series on dying, death and bereavement (September 2019)

Paper 1: Introduction
Paper 2: What we don’t talk about when we don’t talk about death
Paper 3: Thinking ahead
Paper 4: The Fear of Pain

Enhancing adult bereavement care across Ireland: A study (May 2018)

National Summary of Patient Activity data for adult specialist palliative care services in ROI, 2012-2015 (December 2017)

To access further research documents, consult our archives, visit our library or get in touch with our librarian Lorraine Curran, tel. (01) 679 3188 or email [email protected]