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Bereavement Consultancy & Support

The Irish Hospice Foundation provides consultancy and training to staff and organisations on how to respond effectively to situations of Loss and Grief in the Workplace.

These include :

  1. Death of a staff member (e.g through cancer, accident, suicide)

  2. Terminal Illness of a staff member

  3. Death of a relative or close friend of a staff member

For more information contact Breffni Mc Guinness (01 6793188)  


Customised on site training

We can provide customised training on Grief at Work designed to meet your individual organisational needs.  To discuss your training needs please contact Breffni Mc Guinness (01 6793188) Email: breffni.mcguinness@hospice-foundation.ie   

 Grief at Work Programmes

We provide two training programmes on the impact of grief at work and how to provide effective support to colleagues, these can be delivered on-site in your own organisation. 

Grief at Work – An Introduction (Duration: 1 hour)

This one hour workshop provides a general introduction to understanding grief and how it impacts on staff and also looks at how to provide effective support to bereaved colleagues.

To find out more about this workshop please click here

 Grief at Work – The Role of Managers (Duration: 3 hours)

This three-hour workshop is aimed at managers and human resource personnel.  It focuses on the organisational impact of grief at work and explores the role of the manager and the organisation in supporting bereaved employees. 

To find out more about this workshop please click here.

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