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Be part of a special photo mosaic and pay tribute to your loved ones

Forum on End of Life, an initiative of the Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF), is still accepting photographs to create a unique digital mosaic made up of photos of loved ones. The mosaic was unveiled at Forum 2015, the 4th biennial conference on End of Life, in Dublin Castle on September 10th. To be part of this interactive art piece, people can submit a photograph of a loved one, living or dead. It can take the form of a family portrait, a snap of an important occasion, a treasured memory or a moment of laughter or tears. It can be old or new, in colour or black and white. All photos are welcome. Once received, the images will then be brought together with the help of computer art experts, Pollytiles, into a special photo mosaic image of two outstretched hands with the words Noli Timere - meaning 'Don't be Afraid', a tribute to the late Poet Laureate Seamus Heaney. The same two words were referenced during the conference by The Irish Times journalist Mick Heaney, who described the last words of his late father, as he delivered the Mary Holland Commemorative Lecture. Speaking at the conference he said, "On the morning of the operation my father sent a text to my mother that ended with the instruction Noli timere. This wasn’t as portentous as it seems: he frequently used Latin as conversational shorthand. My mother forwarded me the text when she received it; I only spotted it when she phoned to tell me to get to the hospital. He had died on his way to surgery, shortly after composing the message.

"We were devastated, but we seized on his final words as a kind of lifebuoy. It seemed to us that he had encapsulated the swirl of emotion, uncertainty and fear he was facing at the end, and articulated it in a restrained yet inspiring way."

CEO of the Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF), Sharon Foley, encouraged members of the public to pay tribute to a special person in their life by submitting a photograph. “This is a chance to celebrate the people who influence our lives, the people who can make us laugh, who pick us up when we are down, who tell us when we need to shape up and who care about us enough to stick around when things get tough. If you want to celebrate someone, or more than one great person in your life, then this is a simple way of paying that tribute.” To get involved in this very special project just email your image to: photoproject2015@hospicefoundation.ie This latest project follows on from the hugely successful interactive artwork of Forum 2013, when hundreds of people sent in pieces of hessian cloth decorated with the initials of loved ones. The finished piece will also be on display at Forum 2015.   Details of how you can include your photos in this project can be found HERE
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