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Colm O’Driscoll

Head gardener, Airfield Estate, Dundrum

Since graduating from the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, Colm has had a diverse career gaining experience in many areas of the horticultural industry before being appointed head ornamental gardener in Airfield Estate in 2013. Inheriting a garden that had undergone a major redesign, Colm’s initial task was to manage the transition of the gardens from partial building site to the maturing landscape we see today. Having initially managed the ornamental gardens Colm was appointed Head Gardener of the estate in 2017, taking over the management of the extensive Food gardens.

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Planting tomatoes

  1. Colm shows us how to get tomato plants in to the ground

2. Colm looks at pruning and maintaining tomato plants.

Working with aliums

Colm looks at tall flowers like aliums and cow parsley and advises how to foster continuity in the garden throughout the seasons.