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How do we talk about death right now?

Conversations over a cuppa thinking ahead

This week, to celebrate Positive Ageing Week we are launching our ‘Conversations over a Cuppa‘ series of resources to help you start talking with your nearest and dearest.

Conversations over a Cuppa is something we would like to encourage in every household in Ireland. Especially at the moment when death and illness feel closer to us and maybe we find ourselves thinking about it more often.

We hope it won’t happen to us, or those we love. Yet, the experiences of illness, death and dying are all around us. At any time, any one of us, our families or friends could be affected. It’s not a choice; it’s something that happens.

Conversations over a Cuppa is a series of four helpful and practical guides to support and encourage you to plan ahead, talk with others and offer practical support to those facing serious illness and end of life.

Read the first one here