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IHF Submission to Justice Committee on the Dying with Dignity Bill 2020

death and dying

We, IHF, have made a submission to the Justice Committee on the Dying with Dignity Bill 2020 in which we recognise the diversity of opinion on the issue. We will continue to advocate for excellent hospice and palliative care for those facing end of life – as we have always done in the past – so as to ensure that every person’s physical, psychological,practical and spiritual needs are comprehensively and compassionately met throughout Ireland. We recognise that a debate on Assisted Dying is required and we hope that any debate on this matter would be respectful and informed.

As part of our role as thought leader on dying, death and bereavement, we have undertaken an indepth comparative analysis of developments and experience in other jurisdictions. This document, “The International Experience of Assisted Dying” is included as part of this submission.

Our expert observations lead us to conclude that there has not yet been a sufficiently detailed and diverse debate and consultation in Ireland on Assisted Dying. IHF believes all potential perspectives on the Bill now need to be considered. There is a multiplicity of issues and range of viewpoints regarding the Bill and its implications for our society. In 2021, there should be a comprehensive, in-depth debate on assisted dying. All voices should be heard; nobody should be afraid to speak out