Fill in the Think Ahead form

The Think Ahead form

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You’ve thought about what you want and talked to others. Now it is time to tell key people what you want and to fill in the Think Ahead form.

The Think Ahead form makes it easy for you to record your preferences for emergency or end-of-life care, funeral services, and more. You’ll also record key information about your legal and financial affairs. 

Key Information (I.C.E.)

The first section of the Think Ahead form allows you to record details of people you would like contacted in the event of an emergency and key information about you that can be used to inform your treatment and care in case of emergency.

The emergency summary form concerns your preferences for resuscitation and life-sustaining treatment, and is for the attention of paramedics and out of hours providers in case of an emergency. Download the the emergency summary form here.


Fill in the Think Ahead form

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Getting your copy of the Think Ahead Form

The Think Ahead form aims to guide you in thinking about, discussing, and recording your preferences regarding all aspects of end of life. It encourages you to ensure that those closest to you are aware of these preferences so that, should a time come when you are unable to express them yourself, your wishes will be […] Read more >

Help filling in the form

    If you want to order your own copy of a Think Ahead form please click here You can also Download the form Then follow these steps Think Think about what would be important to you if you were terminally ill, incapacitated or had a medical emergency. Talk Talk these issues through with someone […] Read more >

Why Think Ahead?

What are the benefits to filling out the Think Ahead form? Why Think Ahead? Benefits to filling out the Think Ahead form are outlined in the video below: To order your own copy of Think Ahead click here. Read more >

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