Getting your copy of the Think Ahead Form

****Important notice*****

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, it may take slightly longer for you to receive your Think Ahead order. . In the meantime, you can download and print the Think Ahead form here

The Think Ahead form aims to guide you in thinking about, discussing, and recording your preferences regarding all aspects of end of life. It encourages you to ensure that those closest to you are aware of these preferences so that, should a time come when you are unable to express them yourself, your wishes will be clear to those caring for you or managing your affairs.

There are three ways to get the form:

  • Buy a physical copy of the form for a small charge here
  • Download and print a copy of the form to fill by hand here
  • Download an editable digital copy of the form that you can type into here

  • Note: If you wish to ensure the section on advance healthcare directives in the editable form is legally binding, you must print, physically sign the form and have it witnessed.

Guidelines on filling in the editable Think Ahead form

  • You must download and save the file in order to fill it in.
  • Depending upon your computer you may be asked to rename the file each time you save it. We suggest you save the form with the date.
  • There is no obligation to fill out the complete form; you should only fill out those sections of the form you are comfortable with. If you decide to complete the entire form, we encourage you not to fill it all out at once.
  • You can make an advance healthcare directive in section 2.2 of the form.
  • An advance healthcare directive is a written statement made by a person who has reached the age of 18 years with capacity. It sets out their will and preferences about treatment decisions that they do not want to receive in the future if a time comes where they lack capacity to make such decisions or cannot communicate their decisions by any means.
  • Importantly an advance healthcare directive will come into effect only if you lose capacity or you are unable to communicate your healthcare decisions.
  • If you wish you can appoint a designated healthcare representative who may be a trusted family member, close friend or independent advocate who will act on your authority. More information about making an advance healthcare directive may be found here
  • You may like to either speak to your GP or primary medical professional before completing this or to inform them that you have completed this and what your wishes are.
  • If you wish to ensure the section on advance healthcare directives is legally binding, it is necessary to print and physically sign the form.
  • Different factors can change your preferences over time therefore you should review your Think Ahead Form either annually, or as often as is appropriate for you.
  • The form is free for you to download, donations are welcomed



Disclaimer: The Think Ahead Form was created by the Irish Hospice Foundation in good faith for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal or professional advice. The information contained in this form may be time sensitive and is subject to change without notice due to changes in legislation. Every effort has been made to assure the correctness of all information contained in the form at the time of publication. As a result older versions of the form may be out of date. If in doubt, please contact The Irish Hospice Foundation or your solicitor for specific legal advice on a particular matter.

This is an editable version of the Think Ahead form which should be first downloaded onto a personal device, saved and completed electronically. The Irish Hospice Foundation does not store any of the information that you enter on the form. It is your responsibility to store and safeguard this information. If you wish to ensure the section on advance healthcare directives is legally binding, it is necessary to print and sign the form.

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