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Think talk tell record review - filling in the think ahead form

Follow these steps


Think about what would be important to you if you were terminally ill, incapacitated or had a medical emergency.


Talk these issues through with someone you trust and people who can help you make an informed decision. You might want to talk to your doctor, a legal professional and the people who know you best.


When you have made decisions about your future, tell someone you trust, like a friend or a family member.


Now you are ready to use the Think Ahead form to record your preferences. The form is divided into five sections:

  1. Key Information: Information about you that can be used to inform your treatment and care in an emergency.
  2. Care preferences: Information about you to inform your treatment and care in case of emergency.
  3. Legal: Information about any legal documents, such as your will or whether you have appointed someone under an Enduring Power of Attorney.
  4. Financial: Details concerning your financial affairs, like your bank account and insurance details.
  5. When I die: This includes details like whether you want to donate your body or organs, where and how you would like to be buried, and how you would like to be remembered.


When the sections are filled in, review them or get someone you trust to review the information. Remember to update the form if there is a change in your circumstances or if you change your preferences.

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