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Remembering Dr Mary Redmond

Mary Redmond-001 This week we remember our late founder, Dr Mary Redmond, on the first anniversary of her death. Dr Redmond, was inspired to establish the foundation following the death of her father at Our Lady’s Hospice in Harold’s Cross in 1985. At the time there was only one hospice in Dublin and she felt strongly that hospice care should be available for all who needed it. She launched herself into fundraising to support the hospice, saying in a letter at the time that until her father’s illness she had never encountered the difficulties faced by families in such circumstances. Her efforts led to formation of The Irish Hospice Foundation in April 1986 - 30 years ago this month. A truly remarkable lady, we are inspired by her vision as we continue to strive for the best care at end of life for all. Sharon Foley CEO 6 April 2016
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