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Seed grants to support creativity

Seed grants 2021

The Irish Hospice Foundation Seed Grant scheme strives to inspire and support the work of local groups, organisations and individuals who wish to mark in some tangible way their response to the universal realities of death, dying, loss and care as lived and experienced by those living within their communities especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thanks to funding from Creative Ireland, Irish Hospice Foundation is offering seed grants to the public and communities throughout Ireland. Priority will be given to actions that include art, artists, performer, cultural and creative endeavours

These grants are intended to help both those wishing to start new local art projects, or to support current projects gain momentum. As they are intended to support the work of those involved in the community, a key requirement for the receipt of a grant is that the level of funding must be matched by the community group, organisation or individual either in cash or in kind.

Seed grants may be used in a variety of ways, for example:

  • To support a youth project or school assisting young people to explore what dying, death and bereavement means to them through the medium of art, photography or story-telling.
  • To support an event aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge about ‘healthy’ ways of coping with loss and grief.
  • To support individual(s) and groups seeking practical ways through the arts of providing social, emotional and practical support to those living with a life-threatening illness or experiencing bereavement.
  • To create songs, spoken word poems or laments that help your community process loss.


To register for a grant please complete and submit the form below.

Closing date for applications – 5pm Friday January 29th 2021

Alternatively download this application form, print, complete and post or email to:
Seed Grants
Arts and Creative Engagement
Irish Hospice Foundation,
32 Nassau Street, 
Dublin 2
Email: dominic.campbell@hospicefoundation.ie


All applicants must read these guidelines.


See some examples of creative work to inspire as you think about how grief might be best processed in your community.

For inquiries email Dominic Campbell at dominic.campbell@hospicefoundation.ie

Application form

  • 7. Please indicate how you match the funding in the project:
    A: Financial
  • B. Payment in kind e.g. time, labour, materials contributed, skills, etc.
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