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Sunflower McEntee’s Tea Gift Set

Sunflower McEntee’s Tea Gift Set

The Gift Set includes:
  • Afternoon Blend 250g pouch
  • 220g Irish Breakfast Tea Tin
  • McEntees’s Tea 500ml Cara Filter Teapot
  • Perfect Tea Spoon
  • Irish Hospice Foundation Sunflower Seeds

Price: €29.95

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One Afternoon Blend 250g pouch, a 220g Irish Breakfast Tea Tin, a McEntees’s Tea 500ml Cara Filter Teapot, a Perfect Tea Spoon and Irish Hospice Foundation Sunflower Seeds.

The Gift Set provides all you need for a special cup of tea, whilst raising money for a great cause that could benefit us all at some point in our lives. McEntees have partnered with the Irish Hospice Foundation Bereavement Support Line (1800 807077) donating €2 for each of these Sunflower Gift Sets purchased to the support service.

Tea is known for its calming and reassuring qualities that help solve any problem big or small. In times of crisis, it’s a national institution that offers comfort in a simple cup of tea. Putting the kettle on to ease stress during a bad day or ahead of impending difficult news is a tried and tested strategy.