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Think Ahead Planning Pack

Think Ahead Planning Pack


Our popular planning ahead tool can help you discuss and record your wishes and preferences in the event of an emergency, serious illness or after you have died.

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The 2022 Think Ahead Planning Pack is made up of three parts. You can complete as many parts as you wish—it depends on how much information you want to share with those who need to know.

1. My Personal Wishes and Care Plan

A place to record all your information and preferences in case of serious illness, at end of life, and after death. This section is not legally binding but can help ensure that you are cared for in ways that meet your physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and personal desires.

2. My Advance Healthcare Directive

A place to record your requests and refusals of healthcare treatments, and to appoint someone to speak on your behalf. This section is legally binding when signed and witnessed properly.

3. My Medical Summary Form

A place to record your wishes regarding your future medical care, and to give a copy to your GP/Specialist to add to your medical record.

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