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Benefits and Allowances

If you are caring for someone who has a serious illness, you may discover that there are additional costs which can create a strain on your budget. Such costs could be direct, for example drugs or travel costs, or more indirect like higher heating bills.

The following sections outline the benefits and entitlements available for carers and the persons they care for.


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Allowances for Carers

Citizens Information provides a general overview on the various allowances and entitlements available for those providing care on an ongoing basis.  The Carers Association provides information, advice, guidance and advocacy in this area through its Resource Centres.  The Department of Social Protection also provides guidance in this area.   Listed below are a number of allowances available for carers: Carer’s Allowance is a means-tested […] Read more >

Patient Entitlements & Supports

Citizens Information provides a general overview of patient entitlements and access  to services available from the HSE.   Medical Card The Medical Card Scheme entitles certain people  to free public health services. The HSE has a system in place for the provision of emergency medical cards for patients who are terminally ill in palliative care or who are […] Read more >

Mobility & Transport Supports

Listed below are links to information regarding supports enabling individuals with disabilities or mobility impairments to access a source of transport.   Tax relief is available for drivers with a disability or passengers with a disability via the Disabled Drivers and Disabled Passengers Scheme. The Disabled Person’s Parking Card is available to someone with specific disability/mobility impairment and can be issued to […] Read more >

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