Dying at Home

As a person is approaching death, the visiting GP, Public Health Nurse, and/or the Community Hospice/Palliative Care team will be able to provide advice and support regarding the person’s changing condition, symptoms to expect, and how best to provide care.

Helpful Resources

The Hospice Friendly Hospital programme has produced information material to assist families and friends in coping with the impact of a loved one’s death.

Dying Matters is an organisation based in the United Kingdom that aims to change public knowledge attitudes and behaviours towards death, dying and bereavement. There is a section that provides information to people approaching the end of life and their carers about local services.


There are a number of publications that address the preparations and possible steps to take as carers seek to respond to the needs of their loved one and their own needs when the person they are caring for approaches death.

  • The Irish Cancer Society booklet A Time to Care examines some of the physical and emotional aspects that can present as a person is imminently dying.
  • The Irish Red Cross Helping You to Care Handbook (see excerpt) provides details in relation to the practical considerations and preparations that may need to be addressed when a person is facing this journey, and also outlines the procedures that need to be taken when a person has died.
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