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Thank You! from our Nurses for Night Care

What do your gifts mean to families caring for loved ones who don’t have long left?

As Nurse for Night Care, Fiona says: “More than you can know!”

The rush of relief that fills Deirdre’s face as she opens the door to Fiona, our specialist Nurse for Night Care, is striking.

“She was exhausted,” explains Fiona. “Her husband had dementia and Deirdre was his main carer. She was on watch 24/7.”

The first time Fiona cared for Deirdre’s husband overnight was the first time Deirdre was able to get a full night of sleep in years. Deirdre could rest easy knowing her beloved husband was being cared for by someone she could trust… all thanks to you.

With extra special thanks to generous donors who gave to our special Nurses for Night Care appeal. Every hour of care you give is a blessed relief to a family whose loved one is slipping away.

In 2019, you helped provide more than 6,830 hours
of Nurses for Nightcare.

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