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The Irish Premiere of ‘A Love That Never Dies’

Bereavement is the most human and predictable experience, it teaches us about our strengths as much as our pain, yet it can be an isolating and, for some, a debilitating experience. Every person who dies is a family member, friend and/or work colleague, thus bereavement affects large numbers of people in Ireland in many ways over many years, with very recently bereaved people representing up to 6% of our population.
Parental bereavement is different to other types of loss in its intensity and level of distress. As a way of raising awareness of bereavement, in particular, parental bereavement and encouraging conversation and support, the Irish Hospice Foundation are hosting the screening of the film ‘A Love that Never Dies’ with the support of the ODEON Point Square.
After the death of their son Josh in 2011, Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds made this documentary-style film. Josh was 22 when he died in a road accident while traveling in South East Asia. As a way of honoring his memory, Jane and Jimmy set off on their own road trip across the USA to find out why, in a world where death always makes front page news, real-life conversations about death, dying and bereavement are so problematic. Over a three month period, they met and filmed thirteen families all of whom shared remarkable stories of living beyond the death of their own child.
To date, the film has been shown all across the UK. The Irish screening takes place on Thursday 4th April in the ODEON Point Square, Point Village (Click here for venue details). The event is free but booking is required. Tickets will be available through www.eventbrite.ie from Friday 1st  March. A number of bereavement organizations, including bereaved parent organizations will be present on the night*. A Q&A session will be held after the screening with a panel consisting of the filmmakers and representatives from bereavement organizations across Ireland.
The event is open to the general public and organizations/people who provide support to those who are bereaved, including bereaved parents. Refreshments will be available in the iSense Lounge, ODEON Point Square after the Q&A. People will have an opportunity at that time to meet with others attending the event and bereavement organizations if they wish. Please visit our website www.bereaved.ie for our bereavement resources.
*Organisations represented on the night that have confirmed to date include Anam Cara, Bumbleance, Feileacain, FirstLight, HUGG, Irish Road Victims Association, Jack and Jill, LauraLynn, A Little Lifetime, The Irish Hospice Foundation. More organizations to be confirmed.
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