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Design & Dignity: Regional Architectural Advisors required



We require a panel of regional architecture advisors to support hospitals across Ireland. Their primary role is to provide design expertise to Design & Dignity and affiliated hospitals and ensure each hospital project complies with the Design & Dignity Guidelines and is completed to a high standard.


The Design & Dignity Project is a partnership project of the Irish Hospice Foundation and HSE Estates. It originated in the Hospice Friendly Hospitals (HFH) Programme which was launched in 2007 and continues to be a critical aspect of the HFH Programme. The aim of the Design & Dignity Project is to transform the way hospitals are designed for people at the end of their lives and their families. More info here.


The role varies depending on the support required by the hospitals but the details below provide an outline of roles and responsibilities:

Prior to D&D Grants Scheme Application Process

  • Work with the IHF D&D Project Team to discuss strategy and approach for Grants Scheme
  • Meet with hospital staff to discuss and review their potential Design & Dignity projects taking into account Design & Dignity Guidelines and Style Book, location of the project and its potential for positive culture change
  • Review designs and provide feedback, if requested, prior to submitting a grants scheme application
  • Review design potential of applications and meet with the IHF/HSE Project Advisory Group to assess and short-list projects

Projects Granted Funding

  • Liaise with hospital project teams to monitor progress and ensure that projects deliver the standard required of the grant funding.
  • Advise on design, artwork, furniture as necessary as projects progress
  • Report to and liaise with the IHF D&D Project Manager on managing and progressing the projects

Other roles

  • Contributing to the development of IHF/HSE Design & Dignity Guidelines and Style Book
  • Prepare sketch designs for hospital projects
  • Prepare presentations and present at various conferences
  • Media interviews to promote the Design & Dignity Project
  • Prepare progress reports on projects funded through the Grants Scheme
  • Relationship management and staff engagement

Person Specification for the role:

  • The applicant must a member in good standing of Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland
  • Design architect with strong design skills in healthcare environments
  • Understanding of end-of-life care issues in hospitals impacted by design
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Passionate about how hospital design can improve the experience of people who are dying and their families and staff


Tenderers are requested to include the following in their proposal:
  • A statement of the tenderer’s understanding of the aim and specific objectives of the Design & Dignity Project and the Design & Dignity Stylebook and Guideline
  •  A general statement of the tenderer’s capability to act as Architecture Advisor with: - specific and relevant examples of previous work undertaken in healthcare environments - client relationship management experience - testimonials from referees (where possible)
  • Fees
Submissions should be submitted by email to Mary Lovegrove, Design & Dignity Project Manager (mary.lovegrove@hospicefoundation.ie) no later than 31 August 2018 For informal queries, please contact Mary Lovegrove on 086 823 9502 or on mary.lovegrove@hospicefoundation.ie
For full job description, click here.  
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