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Videos on Grief

These ‘Grief Chunk’ videos are bite sized clips offering practical information on different aspects of grief and bereavement.

1. Understanding Grief

2. Living with Loss

3. Suicide in the workplace

4. Grief and dementia

Additional Videos

Good grief; coping with loss

Aware Ireland talk delivered by Dr Susan Delaney June 2014. Talk considers grief resolution, how others see grieving, how grief becomes integrated, moving from self-criticism to self-compassion, mindfulness and perspective and how to manage grief.

Advice on Bereavement from Dr Susan Delaney

Dr Susan Delaney bereavement services manager at Irish Hospice Foundation speaking to The Journal on how to talk to the recently bereaved

 What to say to someone bereaved by suicide


What do I do if I missed the funeral or forgot a significant anniversary?

Is there a good alternative to mass cards?

What does a person mean when they say they’re ‘fine’? Should we keep asking?

Should bereaved people get counselling?

 Do men and women grieve differently?

How should you support bereaved children?

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