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Workshop participants’ views

 What participants say …

The workshops in bereavement and loss are facilitated by experts in bereavement related areas in the voluntary and statutory sector.  They share their experience, knowledge and practice through adult learning.  

Here is a selection of what workshop participation on our 2013 programmes had to say;  

    “Excellent course. This is exactly the type of information I had in mind when I came on the course. Great balance of practical and theory”.

 “A wonderfully beneficial workshop to me both as a layperson and as a professional”..

 “I was most struck by the ‘realness’ of the presentations and importance of that in my work. Theory presented in simplified way to help understand and use it in my own work. Personal experience of trainers used very sensitively and appropriately”.

  “Very relevant. All the group were able to bring in what was relevant for them”.

 “Really excellent course – I would recommend it to everyone” 

“Information shared very clearly and handouts particularly helpful for further reflection and to share with colleagues” 

“I found the workshop excellent, very thought provoking, excellent full of theory and practical sessions, hopefully it will enhance my work practice”. 

“Amazingly engaging and interactive, open, thoughtful”.  

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