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Grief informed and trauma informed bereavement care. Training for network members.

This project was an initiative by Dublin North Bereavement Network.

Since COVID, network members reported that their service users are presenting with higher distress and anxiety and more complex needs. The network members expressed a need for more training about grief informed care and trauma informed care within their scope of practice. The network hosted two workshops for members, one online and one in-person.

An understanding of bereavement; Knowledge and skills for the service provider

This webinar was open to all staff and volunteers of the North Dublin Bereavement Network. Network member and social work & bereavement service coordinator at St Francis Hospice Dublin, Niamh Finucane, provided an overview of an understanding of bereavement and the knowledge and skills for the service provider. Topics covered during the online session included a general understanding of the process of grief, factors that impact the grieving process and recognising when service user needs arise which are outside the scope of practice of the peer support worker.

48 professionals and volunteers attended the webinar on the day. All attendees who completed the evaluation survey rated the webinar helpful. Attendees commented positively on the content, delivery and accessibility of an online format. Some attendee’s comments include:

“Topics included were very well covered. Lots of space to ask questions and also found the polls good way of breaking things up”

“Give a wide amount of informative and references to literature”

Recognising and responding to traumatic grief; and its impact on you

This session was delivered in-person, by network members Colleen Brown (Project Coordinator at Barnardo’s Children’s Bereavement Service) and Georgia Howard (Clinical Service Director at FirstLight) The session looked at recognising and responding to traumatic grief within the service providers scope of practice and also reflecting on the works impact on the service user.

Colleen Brown
Georgia Howard

23 network members attended the event and all those who completed the evaluation rated the session as helpful. Attendees commented positively on the both the content and speakers, comments included:

“Self-care piece was really good. Theory and resources was excellent.”

“Really informative and worth making time for”