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Beginning at the End

What do I say to someone who is dying? What if I make it worse?
These are typical and perfectly normal questions we ask ourselves. When you are dying, you can be the loneliest person in the world. Everyone is talking about you, but no one is talking to you.

We have created this series of videos addressing the difficult conversations around end-of-life, helping you support a loved one by beginning the conversation that you’ve never had before.

Speaker: Bryan Nolan

End-of-Life consultant
Specialising in healthcare, team work and compassionate conversations
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Beginning at the End: Introduction

How to start the conversation with someone who is coming to the end of their life.
Duration: 3:14 mins

1. The Difficult Questions

Losing the essence of you and the existential questions. Talking about the stuff that matters most.
Duration: 2:30 mins

2. How can I Help?

What can I do for my loved one right now?
Duration: 3:21 mins

3. Introduction to Spirituality

We all have a need for connection at end of life when matters of mortality come sharply in to focus.
Duration: 2:49 mins

4. Religion and Spirituality

For some religion and spirituality are seamless. Some are deeply spiritual without being religious. It is uniquely personal to the individual, bound up with a sense of meaning, value and purpose.
Duration: 3:31 mins

5. Finding Meaning

Learning about living up until the end.
Duration: 2:29 mins

6. Being Brave

Letting go of the fear of making it worse, trying to control the outcome
Duration: 1:55 mins

7. Differing Views

Families can be complex groups, members can be coming from completely different angles. How to manage conflicting views?
Duration: 3:06 mins

8. Empathetic Listening

Awknowledging what’s going on. Trying to be the best person you can be to the person that you love in the penultimate momnet of their life.
Duration: 4:00 mins