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Help people die in comfort and dignity in their own homes

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An emotional wish

Most Irish people want to die at home; in their familiar surroundings; at the heart of their family.
But unfortunately that choice isn’t available to us all. Most of us die in hospital. The problem is, very often, our medical or psychological needs at the end of life are difficult to meet at home.

Unless we get help.
This is the very reason our free Nurses for Night Care service exists.

Demand is rising. Funding is at breaking point.

Demand for this service has grown rapidly and so have the costs. We’ve helped over 1,300 people since 2006. This year we expect to get requests to provide 1,400 nights of Nurses for Night Care. We urgently need to keep the service going and free of charge so those who need it most can access it. We have no core funding from the State. We rely on public generosity to keep our services going.

Please help us to ensure people can remain as comfortable and pain-free as possible – in their own homes – at the end of life.

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