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The impact of our work

Bryan Nolan – Communications and Development Coordinator
Bryan delivers our ‘Final Journeys’ programme, which includes ‘Dealing with Bad News’, a workshop for doctors and senior staff. Here he describes his work in the maternity setting.
The loss of a baby is probably the worst thing that can happen to any parent. It is the loss of the hopes and dreams of a future shared. When birth collides with death, this loss also has a huge effect on grandparents, siblings, friends, and on the staff providing care at that time. A maternity hospital is seen as a place of great joy and new life, so when the promise of birth ends in death, it is devastating for all involved. My IHF workshop is a facilitated day that gives midwives and care staff a space to talk about how this particular work affects them individually and as a team. We help staff to look at ways they can support themselves and each other, while meeting the needs of the parents and their family.