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IHF welcomes Joint Committee on Justice recommendations on assisted dying

IHF Statement

Thursday 22 July 2021  

Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) welcomes the Joint Committee on Justice recommendation that an Oireachtas Special Committee be established to undertake an examination of assisted dying. 

In our submission in January of this year to the Joint Committee on Justice on the Dying with Dignity Bill, we called for the absolute necessity of public debate on the issue of assisted dying. The establishment of this Oireachtas Special Committee will pave the way for an informed, inclusive and robust debate and an in-depth examination of the complex safeguarding issues. 

We would also echo the Joint Committee on Justice’s position that the Special Committee would report within a timely and specific timeframe. 

Assisted dying is an issue that many countries have and are actively considering legislating for. Ireland must ensure that it tackles the issue with the level of rigour it deserves. There is a recognised public appetite to discuss, debate and clarify the highly emotive but important issues related to assisted dying.   

Any future consideration of legislation in this regard must be underpinned by an investigation into the provision and resourcing of end-of-life care in Ireland overall, inclusive of all key stakeholders. IHF will continue to advocate for excellent hospice and palliative care for those facing end of life to ensure that every person’s physical, psychological, practical and spiritual needs are comprehensively and compassionately met throughout Ireland.  

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