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Grant scheme to support creativity during COVID-19

7 January 2020

Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) has today announced its new IHF Seed Grant Scheme to inspire and support creative responses to the themes of dying, death and bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-related grief and loss have had a significant effect on all ages, all counties, and all sectors leaving many of us confused and distressed. In partnership with the Creative Ireland programme, the aim of IHF Seed Grants is to support groups, organisations and individuals in exploring creative initiatives and approaches to reflect and remember.

This may take the form of starting new local art projects, or to support existing projects gain momentum – this may involve artists, crafts people or coders or may be a group or individual who has a good idea.

Sharon Foley, CEO of IHF said:

From rap to Rembrandt, death is a regular theme. Theatre, music, dance, visual arts, and crafts all offer a way to start conversations about difficult things. We know many Irish people want an opportunity to have conversations about death, dying and grief. Creative Ireland’s support enables us to make a bridge, to invite people to put these elements together for themselves, to create space, places and opportunities to talk, walk, and wonder, to begin to grow life back around loss.

Tania Banotti, Director of Creative Ireland, welcomed the launch of IHF Seed Grants, saying:

We welcome Irish Hospice Foundation’s leadership in connecting the impact creativity and artists play on wellbeing and health in normal circumstances, with the role they might take on now, in helping a national process of grief and loss. The Creative Ireland Programme is an all-of-government culture and wellbeing programme that inspires and transforms people, places and communities through creativity. We believe that creativity and culture have an important role to play in the processing of grief and we look forward to hearing more about the outcomes of Irish Hospice Foundation’s Seed Grants programme.

Awards are in the region of €500 – €1,000 per project and IHF hopes to offer between 10 and 15 awards.

Seed Grants are intended to support the work of those involved in the community, therefore a key requirement for the receipt of a grant is that the level of funding must be matched by the community group, organisation or individual either in cash or in kind.

Read more about the IHF Seed Grants scheme

Deadline for applications is Friday 29 January 2021, 5pm.