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How do I speak to a bereaved person?

There are no magic words to take away the pain of losing a loved one. But through your kind words and actions you can make a world of difference to someone grieving a loved one... Say Something... Words often fail us when they matter the most. Even if you’ve been through a bereavement yourself, it […] Read more >

Your Kindness Brings Solace to Mullingar

After working at Mullingar Regional Hospital for years, James had seen his fair share of death and raw grief. But, when the sudden, shocking loss of a close family member brought him to the mortuary at his own place of work, James saw the hospital through new eyes. This is how your generosity and compassion […] Read more >

Thank You! from our Nurses for Night Care

What do your gifts mean to families caring for loved ones who don’t have long left? As Nurse for Night Care, Fiona says: "More than you can know!" The rush of relief that fills Deirdre’s face as she opens the door to Fiona, our specialist Nurse for Night Care, is striking. “She was exhausted,” explains […] Read more >

Strategy summary 2020-2025

Read the summary of our Irish Hospice Foundation Strategy 2020-2025 Read the full Strategy 2020-2025 document Our strategy is similar to that of a lighthouse shining light on specific areas of need in end-of-life and bereavement support, and then actively investing, innovating and developing responsive services and programmes. Our Vision is an Ireland where people […] Read more >

A National Consultation on the Adult Bereavement Care Framework

The ‘Enhancing Adult Bereavement Care across Ireland’ report was published in 20181and identified a common set of core concerns among those who encounter bereaved people as part of their work. The lack of a common framework for bereavement care in Ireland was identified as a priority area for attention by the report’s project advisory committee (PAC)2.   […] Read more >

The Economics of Bereavement in Ireland

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS The Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF), as part of its programme of research, invites applications to carry out an exploratory investigation of the economics of bereavement in Ireland. The research is supported by a grant from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP). More can be read at the Government press […] Read more >


Debate on this Legislation Requires Time, Thoughtfulness and Diversity of Voices. Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) is today calling for a robust and balanced debate on the matter of assisted dying. IHF believes there needs to be a considered forum to thoroughly examine the proposed legislation before the Oireachtas after the Dáil voted to progress the […] Read more >

Statement from IHF on dying alone in hospitals and care settings

  Many people and staff in care settings have raised concerns regarding any person dying alone in a healthcare setting where family/loved ones are not allowed to visit, or be with the person, at end of life. There is only one chance to get end-of-life care right and we know that dying alone is hugely problematic both for […] Read more >


68% OF PEOPLE BELIEVE COVID-19 PANDEMIC HAS MADE IRISH SOCIETY RETHINK THE WAY IT DEALS WITH DEATH AND BEREAVEMENT - New Irish Hospice Foundation survey also shows 89% say being together with extended family and friends is a key part of grieving porocess. - Indepth policy document on dying, death and bereavement presented to political […] Read more >

Night Run FAQs

1. How much is it to enter? Regular entry is €25 plus €2.50 Postage and Packaging. Each participant will receive a Never Forgotten Night Run T-shirt to wear on the day. 2. How do I register to take part? You can register to take part and support Irish Hospice Foundation here. Registration is open until […] Read more >

Seed grants to support creativity

The Irish Hospice Foundation Seed Grant scheme strives to inspire and support the work of local groups, organisations and individuals who wish to mark in some tangible way their response to the universal realities of death, dying, loss and care as lived and experienced by those living within their communities especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. […] Read more >

Beginning at the end

What do I say to someone who is dying? What if I make it worse? These are typical and perfectly normal questions we ask ourselves. When you are dying, you can be the loneliest person in the world. Everyone is talking about you, but no one is talking to you. The Irish Hospice Foundation have […] Read more >

Brvmnt Cvd wbnr 2020

Wbnr 1 Wbnr 2 Wbnr 3 Wbnr 4 Wbnr 5 Wbnr 6 Wbnr 7 DNBN Education Event 2020 Resource pack Read more >

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Help raise awareness Share this page with family and friends on social media. Email Facebook Whatsapp Twitter Read more >

Dr Paul Gregan presents at international meeting on palliative care in Montreal

Dr Paul Gregan, Chair of the ICGP, HSE and Irish Hospice Foundation Primary Palliative Care Programme presented to the annual meeting of the International Primary Palliative Care Network on 8 October 2012 in Montreal. The meeting was in conjunction in conjunction with  the 19th International Congress on Palliative Care. Dr Gregan presented on the work of […] Read more >

Fundraising this weekend

Would you like to help us to continue supporting those facing end of life and bereavement during #COVID19, as well as providing guidance and advice for health and social care workers? Here are some things you can do this weekend to support the many fundraising efforts going on all over the country. 1. Join Peter […] Read more >

Annual November Public Information Evening on Bereavement 2018

Our annual November public information evening on bereavement was held on 1st November.  This annual event aims to provide information about grief and the range of supports available to bereaved people.  The evening opened with an introduction followed by a number of talks and video presentations.  Guest speaker Niamh Fitzpatrick (Psychologist, sister of Capt Dara […] Read more >

VHI Women’s Mini Marathon 2020

REGISTER here Join the VHI Virtual Mini Marathon Will you be an Irish Hospice Foundation hero and sign up to the VHI Womens Mini Marathon VIRTUAL event this October? The VHI Women's Mini Marathon, an annual 10K charity road race, occurs each June bank holiday weekend in Dublin and is the largest women's event of […] Read more >

Primary Palliative Care in Ireland

Download the GP OOH Palliative Care handover form The development of primary palliative care services in Ireland has received a particular focus in the last decade. In 2009 Irish Hospice Foundation came together with the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) and the HSE to embark upon a joint programme of work to support the […] Read more >


SPONSOR a cyclist This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we have a new plan. ​We are calling on everyone to get on their bike to help raise vital funds for our Nurses for Night Care. 20km - €20 - 20 June 2020 Why not be a part of the team challenge this year? Instead of […] Read more >

Understanding Bereavement and Grief

"So it's true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love." -- E.A. Bucchianeri Understanding Bereavement and Grief Grief is a natural process of reaction and adjustment to loss and change. When we lose someone or something that is important to us, we grieve. What to expect Grief does not happen […] Read more >

Fundraising News & Latest Updates

Latest issue of IHF Supporter Newsletter is out now!     Nurses for Night Care Appeal - John and Daisy With no family and few close friends, John had just one final wish…       ...She’d been there after he received his crushing, terminal diagnosis.       ...She’d been there to comfort him through the pain, as […] Read more >

Living and Dying Well in the Community: The Future of Primary Palliative Care in Ireland

This conference took place on May 15th 2014 the programme is available here.  Speakers included: Alex White, TD, Minister of State for Primary Care Prof Mayur Lakhani, GP and Chairperson Dying Matters campaign in UK Dr Paul Gregan, Chairperson of Irish Association of Palliative Care Dr Eamonn Shanahan, GP Farranfore, Co Kerry Shirley Fife, Nurse Consultant Cancer & […] Read more >

Have Your Say Report – 2017

HAVE YOUR SAY REPORT - Initial data analysis   Read more >

Podcasts & Recordings

Selected recordings and interviews from Irish Hospice Foundation events and conferences Bereavement support recordings Listen to more Bereavement Support Recordings here >>> Palliative Care for all conference September 14 2012 Professor Scott Murray, head of the primary palliative care research group at the University of Edinburgh centre for population health sciences addressing the 'Palliative care […] Read more >

Design & Dignity Projects

Family Rooms   Connolly Hospital  "This is an absolutely invaluable facility, we will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to stay close to Mam" - Relative Mater Hospital “Honestly, I can’t describe the benefit of the room. You can see the stress lift from relatives when they come into the room…it has given us […] Read more >

COVID-19 Care & Inform

Irish Hospice Foundation wants to keep you informed and supported in matters relating to end-of-life and bereavement care in these difficult times as we come to live with COVID-19. The need to provide reliable and up-to-date information for you, the public, and healthcare workers is so important right now. So, as a national charity dedicated […] Read more >

Have Your Say Survey

2,200 PEOPLE HAVE HAD THEIR SAY "As a parent whose child has died, I believe that one of my greatest fears is that, with time, our child will be forgotten.” Stephanie. “I wished we could have talked with my dad about his death. He knew he was dying. We knew he was dying, but it went unspoken […] Read more >

Irish Hospice Foundation – Website Privacy Policy

At the Irish Hospice Foundation, we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This Policy explains when and why we collect personal information about people who visit our website, how we use it, the conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure. We may change this Policy […] Read more >

About A Journey of Change

About A Journey of Change Overview Staff in residential care centres have a very special relationship with the people they care for and with their families. This programme is designed to strengthen that relationship, and to support staff in developing their competencies in end-of-life care. ‘A Journey of Change’ provides staff with information on all […] Read more >

Booklets & Guides

Template guide for organisations We have developed a template guide organisations can adapt for their own employees and to include details relevant to their company. It provides details on issues like returning to work and bereavement entitlements. Access the guide>>>    Bereavement Booklets and Guides A number of other organisations have developed booklets to offer […] Read more >

Irish Childhood Bereavement Network

“The launch of this Network offers Ireland an opportunity to change the way it approaches childhood grief and could make a significant difference in facilitating the delivery of the appropriate resources for each grieving child.” Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs. On Monday 23rd July 2012, the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, […] Read more >

Bereavement Support Recordings

These four short recordings may be helpful to you as you grieve. Each recording is about 15 minutes in length and focuses on a different aspect of grief, using techniques drawn from mindfulness and self-compassion. You are welcome to listen to them here or to download them to your own device. 1. Opening up to […] Read more >

Developing a Bereavement Policy

Grief at Work is a guide produced by the Irish Hospice Foundation to help organisations and employers to develop a bereavement policy that is suitable for their work context.     Read more >

Bereavement Policies

Bereavement Support in the Workplace Grief is something which all employees experience and which will inevitably, also impact on their colleagues in some way.  Bereavement policies are not just good practice, they are extremely helpful to employees and managers, ensuring a proactive and equitable approach to managing employee grief by clearly defining employee entitlements and […] Read more >

Fill in Think Ahead Online

Steps to recording your 'Think Ahead' details online If you haven’t already registered Click on ‘click here to set up your account' above Complete registration details & create a password You will receive an email with link to follow to confirm your account set up The email will contain a link taking you to your […] Read more >


Bereavement is the death or loss of someone close to us. Grief is the process of how bereavement and loss affect us. It often causes disruption and disturbance of everyday life There are many different types of loss: loss of health, of employment, marital breakdown, divorce and death.  How we react to loss will be different for […] Read more >

Level 2 Bereavement Support

Level 2 Bereavement Support provides the person who is bereaved with an opportunity to reflect in a focussed way on their experience of loss.  This support is generally provided by volunteers who themselves have been bereaved and have had specialised training in bereavement support. Level 2 bereavement support can be provided on a one to one […] Read more >

Outreach training and support

Bereavement Consultancy & Support The Irish Hospice Foundation provides consultancy and training to staff and organisations on how to respond effectively to situations of Loss and Grief in the Workplace. These include : Death of a staff member (e.g through cancer, accident, suicide) Terminal Illness of a staff member Death of a relative or close friend of […] Read more >

Level 3 Bereavement Support

A small minority of people experience significant difficulties in their bereavement. These might include: intense and unrelenting grief six months post-bereavement; prolonged agitation; depression; guilt; despair; or serious and persistent thoughts of suicide. If you are concerned, please consult your GP and consider professional help as unlike the more usual grief reactions, these symptoms do […] Read more >

Tips for supporting yourself

Helping yourself when you are bereaved If you have experienced a loss, there are a number of things which will help you as you grieve:  Be gentle with yourself. Your energy may be low for a while so do not place too many demands on yourself. Look after your physical health. You may find that […] Read more >

Have Your Say: Your Life Your Death Your Say

A Chance to Have Your Say Every day in Ireland 80 people die — that's 28,000 people every year. Each of us will only get one chance to die, so it’s important to think about it, and get it right. During 2016 you had your say on what makes a good death. By sharing your […] Read more >

Where to go for help

 Most people find their own way through the pain and difficulties of bereavement with support from family and friends.  However, sometimes it can be helpful to seek additional information or support from people who are trained to help those who are grieving.  There are three ‘levels’ of bereavement support available: Level 1: Information about bereavement […] Read more >


  E-Learning   Read more >

Bereavement leaflets

Browse or download our bereavement leaflets


BEREAVED.IE  is a web site which provides information on grief and bereavement.  It has three main sections: 1.   If YOU are bereaved - Click here 2.  If you want to SUPPORT someone who is bereaved - Click here 3.  If you WORK with people who are bereaved - Click here Read more >


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Thank you for your donation

Thank you very much for your kind donation to Irish Hospice Foundation. Every cent brings us closer to achieving our vision that no one should face death or bereavement without the care and support they need. Read more >

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About Us

  Our History and Background The Irish Hospice Foundation was set up in 1986 to fund and develop specific hospice services. Since then our work has expanded to address the needs of people dying in hospitals, at home and in other care settings. We work to provide equity in access to palliative care services for […] Read more >

Supporting You

Striving for the best care at end-of-life for all We  work to support those facing death, dying and bereavement, their carers and health and social care professionals. Read more >

Never Forgotten Homepage

It is said that grief is the price we pay for love. But in our memories and our hearts, the ones we love never truly leave us. When you give today and share your treasured memory, we’ll handwrite your message into our Book of Remembrance 2020, and here your treasured memory will remain forever. By […] Read more >

Healthcare Programmes

       *We acknowledge funding for individual programmes (including Healthcare Programmes) received from the Department of Rural and Community Development and the Programme, the Scheme to Support National Organisations 2016-2019. Read more >

About Hospice

  If you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with a life limiting illness or referred to hospice or palliative care, you may have questions. These pages aim to address these questions. You can also get information on what services may be available to you in the future and how you can access […] Read more >


About the Therese Brady Library & Information Service The Irish Hospice Foundation’s Library and Information service was opened in 2003 and is central to the Bereavement Information and Education functions of the Irish Hospice Foundation.  The Thérèse Brady Library is the only dedicated specialist library in the country focusing on bereavement,  palliative care and end-of-life […] Read more >


There are an estimated 1,400 children living with life-limiting illness in Ireland. Some 350 of these children die each year, most of them in the first year of life. We have no official figures for childhood bereavement, but it is also estimated that between 36,000 and 60,000 children in Ireland may have experienced a significant […] Read more >

Education & Training

Education is central to the IHF vision that no-one should face death or bereavement without the care and support they need.  READ MORE Read more >

Programme Manager, Hospice Friendly Hospitals (HFH) Programme

***Applications closed*** We are seeking to fill the role of Programme Manager with our Hospice Friendly Hospitals (HFH) programme. Reporting to the CEO, the main purpose of this role is to direct, lead and manage all aspects of the HFH Programme across care settings and, in particular, acute hospitals and residential care settings for older […] Read more >

Professional Certificate in Children & Loss 2014/2015

The professional Certificate in Children & Loss  brochure for the 2014/2015 intake is now available. The course is delivered by the Irish Hospice Foundation and accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI) Applications will be accepted online via the RCSI applications site from March 10th until May 9th Full details on the course are available […] Read more >

Forum 2013 Conference

  National Council of the Forum on End of Life in Ireland Conference 2013  Forum 2013 is a one day conference organised around a range of issues relating to dying, death and bereavement. The theme of the day is "Length of Days, Quality of Life.” The Forum will allow us to explore the different perspectives […] Read more >


  Hard copies of Irish Hospice Foundation publications can be requested by contacting us on Tel. 01-6793188 or Email info@hospice-foundation.ie    You can also browse and download our publications and research articles on the Irish Hospice Foundation Collection on the LENUS Irish Health Repository Read more >

Other resources

Think Ahead Initiative: Think Ahead is a public awareness initiative aimed at guiding people in discussing and recording their care preferences while able to speak for themselves. It comprises a detailed form divided into six sections: (1) Key Information; (2) Care Preferences; (3) Legal Matters; (4) Financial Matters; (5) When I Die; and (6) Sharing Information. […] Read more >

New E-Learning module for Bereavement volunteers launched

Senator Marie Louise O’Donnell  today (28th March 2013) launched the Irish Hospice Foundation's second e-learning training course. Working With Loss  is aimed at bereavement support organisations and volunteers and was developed along with bereavement organisations to bridge identified gaps in bereavement support.  Working With Loss addresses how to provide appropriate, ethical support to the bereaved […] Read more >

Staff Intranet

News and pages for Irish Hospice Foundation staff Read more >


Scholarship in End-of-Life Healthcare Ethics   Course: An MSc in End-of-Life Healthcare Ethics has been developed at UCC as a multi-disciplinary programme offered on a part time basis.  The MSc links to ‘An Ethical Framework for End-of-Life Care’, and associated study guides launched in October 2010 by the Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF).  Commissioned through the […] Read more >

Current Job Vacancies

We are currently seeking applications for the following roles: Advocacy Campaign Manager Programme Manager for 'Dying at home' Clinical Development Co-ordinator (Bereavement) Read more >

Irish Hospice Foundation Perspectives Series

The Irish Hospice Foundation perspectives series of reports address issues related to palliative and end of life care development and policy in Ireland    Read more >


This page redirects to http://hospicefoundation.ie/shop/donate-now/ Read more >

Useful links

Below is a list of useful links to organisations and services. The Irish Hospice Foundation is not responsible for the content of external links Organisations All Ireland Institute for Hospice & Palliative Care (AIIHPC) - The All Ireland Institute for Hospice and Palliative Care is an all island organisation, comprised of a Consortium of eight […] Read more >


Please note: Due to Level 5 restrictions we have limited access to our office. We will dispatch orders as quickly as we can, but there may be a delay from the time of ordering to receipt of goods. We thank you for your understanding and support. Thank you so much to Aideen Bodkin for choosing […] Read more >

Workshop participants’ views

 What participants say ... The workshops in bereavement and loss are facilitated by experts in bereavement related areas in the voluntary and statutory sector.  They share their experience, knowledge and practice through adult learning.   Here is a selection of what workshop participation on our 2013 programmes had to say;       “Excellent course. This […] Read more >

About Us

The Irish Hospice Foundation was set up in 1986 to fund and help develop specific hospice services. Over time, our work has expanded to embrace the needs of people dying in hospitals, at home and in other care settings, as well as those who cannot easily access hospice care because of the nature of their […] Read more >

Masterclass workshops in bereavement

The Irish Hospice Foundation annual masterclasses The Bereavement Education Resource Centre hosts special masterclasses and workshops aimed at professionals working in bereavement support and looking for specific training. Masterclasses 2014 Dr. Kathy Shear, Columbia University Kathy Shear will conduct a workshop and an advanced training day on Complicated Grief Treatment January 9th & 10th 2014 - […] Read more >

Videos on Grief

These 'Grief Chunk' videos are bite sized clips offering practical information on different aspects of grief and bereavement. 1. Understanding Grief 2. Living with Loss 3. Suicide in the workplace 4. Grief and dementia Additional Videos Good grief; coping with loss Aware Ireland talk delivered by Dr Susan Delaney June 2014. Talk considers grief resolution, […] Read more >

About Hospice Care

Find out more about hospice

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Education & Training

Education is central to the our vision that no-one should face death or bereavement without appropriate care and support. Access to education and training for professionals and volunteer’s promotes this care and support. Our education programmes are available at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels according to participants’ needs. We provide a broad range of education […] Read more >


  We aim to achieve dignity, comfort and choice for all people facing the end of life in Ireland.   Striving for better end-of-life care Our programmes aim to fulfill this ideal, we do this by addressing critical matters relating to dying, death and bereavement. We seek to support the work of those directly providing end-of-life […] Read more >

Contact Us

Morrison Chambers (4th Floor) 32 Nassau Street Dublin 2 Tel | (01) 679 3188 Email | info@hospicefoundation.ie How to find us Morrison Chambers is almost at the junction of Nassau Street and Dawson Street, opposite the railings of Trinity College. The entrance, which is clearly marked, is the first door on the right when you […] Read more >

Coping with bereavement

Coping with grief Grief is how a bereavement affects us personally.  It is what we experience when we lose something or someone who is significant to us.  This experience can be especially difficult when someone close to us dies.  Making sense of the loss and learning to live without that person is the work of […] Read more >

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