Our Roots and Shoots programme supports projects arising from our Seed Grant projects that are beyond the scope of a micro-grant programme, or which have been identified from our other arts programmes, and would benefit from a different approach, perhaps longer and more considered development or a developmental approach with facilitated collaborations.

We work holistically in collaboration with groups, communities, artists and researchers to develop greater understanding, improving both creative practice and dissemination of learning. Often these are projects that are unlikely to find resources elsewhere at the early stages of development. Our ambition is that by the end of a Roots and Shoots project, we will have identified more stakeholders and supporters, along with a path for the programme’s further development. 

acting out

Acting Out (Tipperary) Offshoot

Down Syndrome Tipperary further developed a creative play programme entitled ‘Acting Out’, designed to encourage children with Down Syndrome communicate feelings around loss.

artists in service end of life

Artists in Service to People at End of Life

A 12-month programme with two artists working in service to people at end of life in a hospital / hospice setting that does not currently have a substantial arts and health programme.